Who Do We Blame for Unbearable Traffic Gridlock in Apapa

On any normal day, getting your consignment delivered should be hassle free,but presently it has become somewhat of a herculean task doing this as a result of the road construction going on in Apapa (wharf road). these activities haven’t gone unnoticed as it has affected the smooth flow of business for clearing agents and all stakeholders involved.  there is always a constant traffic gridlock there which makes it difficult for one to easily get a truck to load and deliver in due time. most clearing agents who could normally boast of clearing goods in say 5 days,would count themselves lucky if they can achieve same feat in 2 weeks. The construction is being handled by AG-DANGOTE Construction Company Limited company which is being handled slowly but must confess being handled professionally and with quality materials. What is most worrisome now is the terminal and shipping charges continue to increase due to this delay which is beyond the clearing agents control. on the shipping side where you have container deposits, these deposits are exhausted and you even get additional detention invoices to pay up to the shipping line. as for the terminal, you pay for everyday your cargo is within their premises.

beyond the cry of the importers, clearing agents and others affected by this, there are people presently benefiting from this gridlock; enjoying and clamoring that activities do not improve and should maintain status quo. for example, the transporters are having a field day as their charge has more than tripled due to the high demand this traffic gridlock has caused.  from the shipping, terminal and of course the transporters, charges have all increased, could it be possible the government comes in and subsidize certain ares like the terminal and shipping charges? or the terminal and shipping operators should be understanding and give some sort of waiver clearly understanding the present situation?. This would be difficult because every company is in business to make profit regardless the situation. So do we keep mum and keep paying exorbitant fees?. my question still stands, “who is to be blamed for the traffic gridlock in apapa?”

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